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    Croatia has grown to become by far the most admired trip destinations in Europe. It possesses excellent sightseeing destinations and accommodation options to the tourists. Its popularity as excellent tourist resort has soared high as it offers less expensive housing options than other European nations.

    Beautiful Town of Split

    You may not be familiar with Split, Croatia, but it's been a popular getaway since 305 A.D. The Roman Emperor Diocletian grew up in the region so when it was time to retire, this is where he built his palace and wielded what remained of his power. The palace is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Today, Split hotels are some of the best in Croatia, and it's once again a popular holiday destination.

    What to Visit

    Some of the places worth seeing while exploring the city’s center or just passing through are the Peristil Square, an open space within the palace surrounded by a colonnade on the eastern and western sides, and the Cathedral of St. Domnius (Sveti Duje) on the eastern side of the Peristil Square. The cathedral was originally built as a mausoleum for Emperor Diocletian. The bell tower of the cathedral is one of the most recognizable symbols of the city.


    Bacvice beach is the favorite destination among the Split residents. It is the home of picigin, a beach game with a small ball, traditionally played in the Split area. Some of the beautiful beaches along the coast of Marjan hill are Kašjuni and Bene.

    Other sites worth seeing

    The statue of Gregory of Nin (Grgur Ninski) is one of the most visited sculptural sights in Split. If you are interested in art of the famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović you can visit the Meštrović Gallery housing over 200 of his works.

    What Islands to Visit

    One of the hardest questions you face in Croatia is which island to see, and I am sure after you have done your homework you are thinking of visiting either Brac or Hvar. Both islands are very conveniently located to Split - only 50 min on a ferry to Brac (Supetar) and to Hvar 55 min! Both islands are stunning with lots of beaches, nice food and excellent weather. They can get over- crowded and busy! I would go a little bit further and visit the furthest island off the Croatian coast - Vis. The ferry journey lasts 2 hours and 20 minutes. Vis covers an area of only 90 sq/km but the people of Vis are very energetic as they managed to sponsor their own colonies and have their own money in the past! Today Vis is a sleepy island with the main industry being tourism and wine! Also the sea around Vis is well-known for fish especially blue fish.

    Marjan Hill

    A good place to go when you want to get out of the city is the hill of Marjan. This peak has outstanding views making it an ideal place to go cycling or enjoy a romantic evening walk. Marjan is known as the 'Lungs of Split' and for that reason the building of houses there is prohibited. Those who have been disappointed by the lack of beaches around Split will be glad to know there are a few here.

    Renting a Yacht in Split

    Chartering a yacht in Croatia is growing each year and is fast becoming one of the most favorite vacation options for thousands visiting Split in the summer. As the number of people chartering a yacht in Split grows, the competition between charter providers grows simultaneously. This has led to improving charter offer and the services that are accompanied to yacht charter in Split.This website is nice source of info about sailing

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